LORETTI will open the door to your individuality!
LORETTI brand shoes correspond to all the demands of contemporary marker and fashion trends
LORETTI offers you a flawless quality in stylish embodiment with its wide range of colors, variety of forms and materials, exquisite simplicity, laconic lines, comform and affordable prices. These are shoes that bring you true aesthetic pleasure.


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LORETTI is a dynamically developing company, which occupies the leading position on the market and posesses a wealth of experience in retail trading in medium and luxury segments.


  • flawless quality and stylish embodiment
  • wide range of colors
  • variety of forms and materials
  • exquisite simplicity and laconic lines
  • comfort and affordable prices
  • consideration of the regional climate
  • taking into account anthropology the population

Flawless quality
Stylish embodiment
Elegant forms
Utility and comfort


Every season our company offers a broad assortment of
men's and women's footwear according with the global shoe fashion trends.
The original style of the collections is formed not only by fashion tendencies,
but also by our own designers creations.


Step into LORETTI exclusive experience and distinctive style concept at any our boutiques.
Check some of our latest Fashion projects to see what we can do.


Gives clients an opportunity to feel pleasure in the world of luxury and exclusive production.
Presents style and comfort, arousing sense of harmony and prosperity.
Creates the mood and confidence in ones’ irresistibility.
Forms new quality of life.